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Welcome to the home page of Abundant Life Counseling Center. You are here by divine providence. We believe that God has sent you to this site to provide hope, help and healing in your life. Whatever you issue or concern you have been dealing with it far too long. Let us help you to experience transformation in the presence of a healing God. We know that HE IS ABLE! This is the place to begin, continue or complete your journey toward whole-ness. NOW is the time to make the call.

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The overall goal of this book is to provide hope, help, and healing for women who are “prone to wander” and those who minister to them. Many have felt the lure of sexual sins; many have gone astray and needed to be restored. This book provides Biblical and personal strategies for setting the captives free. A uniquely practical perspective while caring and compassionate on the plights of those who are struggling and trapped in sexual sin. “Prone to Wander: A Woman’s Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction” is an invaluable resource tool for anyone who desires to be set free from the struggle; as well as those who wish to understand her pain and assist her in the process. This book will bless women who are struggling with sexual sin, as well as clergy and counselors.

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Celebrating BOOK release anniversary  FEBRUARY 2015


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ENDORSEMENT                           What people are saying . . .

“What a great resource for anyone who respects the wisdom of scripture and the practical knowledge that comes from counseling thousands of people.  This is so easy to access that if you have a question about family, relationships, healing, emotions and much more you will most likely find it right here in Live Right Now.”

 Stephen Arterburn, Founder and Chairman of New Life Ministries, host of Christian radio talk show “New Life Live!” and best-selling author

When life's big issues come bearing down on you, it's hard to know where to find answers. That's the beauty of this book. Live Right Now is organized thematically to help you find solid, biblical answers to life's tough questions. It's ideal for personal application, group study and as a trusted reference.

Steve Grissom, Founder Church Initiative (DivorceCare, GriefShare, Single Parenting)


"Live Right Now is a resource for every woman who longs to find answers to perplexing questions about life, relationships, spiritual and emotional healing, parenting, financial matters, and so much more.  Dr. Sabrina skillfully weaves practical information and biblical advice throughout each chapter in a way that leads the reader to the discovery of truth. I highly recommend this book!

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, Unquenchable: Grow a Wildfire Faith that Will Endure Anything


Sabrina Black is one of the most compassionate and critical thinkers I have ever encountered. Her wit and wisdom pours through on every page of this amazing book. If you have seen your dreams and passion die due to sin, setbacks or strongholds it's time to "Live Right Now"!! This is a timeless book for the Ages.
Chris Brooks, M.A., Campus Dean, Moody Theological Seminary - Michigan


       Counseling Resource for MEN!

Resource Center

Based on over ten years of research and experience effectively strengthening men in counseling, Sabrina D. Black has released training to the healing community that is psychological sound, biblically accurate, and culturally relevant for men in our community.

This Training Curriculum should be used as a guide and a reference tool. It will provide you with information and resources to help you counsel boys and men in a wide variety of situations and circumstances. The tips and techniques are effective for working with school-aged clients, court-ordered clients, businessmen, college students, prisoners, men in V.A. hospitals, rehabilitation settings, organizations, churches and much more.

Through this dynamic, enlightening and interactive seminar coupled with one of the most comprehensive training manuals available today, participants will be well equipped to effectively meet the challenges you will face when counseling men. This intensive seminar will empower you with skills proven to help men experience positive change in their lives and relationships.             


     114 Page Comprehensive Manual


              Set of 4 Training CD's



The Word of God has answers to all of your life issues and concerns. The Bible provides Hope, Help, and Healing.

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